How to Get Your Featured Post on Active Rain... "Unfeatured"

It's so refreshing to read a post like this.  David Krushinsky has ensured that he will be one of Active Rains most valuable members.  David learned a lesson (once again) and admitted it to all of us.  He's someone to be admired! 

Hopefully this will act as a deterrent in case some one thinks that the easy way is better than the right way.

Please comment on David's post.  Thanks.

David KrushinskyGrowing up, I usually did enough to get good grades and never worked too hard at school.  When I was in high school, my English teacher required our class to write a term paper at the end of my junior year.  Our assignment was due at the end of the semester and of course I waited until the last week to cram it in.  Rather than do all the work myself, I went to the public library and copied "word for word" straight out of the Encyclopedia Britannica for my entire report.  I thought I was being pretty smart by changing a few words here and there, so my teacher wouldn't catch me.   

At the end of the semester; my teacher, Mrs. Goltz, was passing out the results of our term papers.  Wow!!!  I shocked and surprised to see that I received a D minus on my paper.  As I glanced further down the paper, I noticed a bunch of red ink with a note stating my paper was plagiarized.  Uh oh!!!  How did she know????  I felt like I was about two inches tall and could literally feel my face starting to get warm and turn red.  I knew she knew that I had plagiarized my entire report, but was hoping I wouldn't get thrown out of school.  My life was flashing before my eyes.

I never said a word about my assignment to her and received a C in my English class that semester.  I told myself this would be the last time I would plagiarize from someone else.   

About a week ago I wrote a post titled "Phoenix FHA Mortgage Myths".  The post was featured because it had some really good content contained within the post.   Earlier that day, I had spoken with a friend, Mark Madsen, whom I regard to be very knowledgeable when it comes to blogging to generate mortgage leads.  Mark let me know that everyday there are numerous searches for FHA vs. Conventional financing being done by consumers.  Through my employer, AmeriFirst Financial, Inc.,  I teach CE Classes for real estate agents.  One of the classes I teach has a handout titled," FHA Myths Exposed and Explained".  I figured this material would be great to get some good content to help my blogging and possibly generate some leads.  

Although many of my articles are original, occasionally I do "cut-n-paste" underwriting guidelines in my articles.  However, I never copy word for word from another person's work.  This case was the exception to the rule.  I was busy and a good post takes me 3-4 solid hours of researching, getting pictures, back linking, proof-reading and publishing.  I copied the article into a Word document and modified some of the content for my long-tailed keyword - adding in Phoenix close to FHA, etc.  I also changed some of the content to fit my criteria.  The article was published and within a few minutes was actually featured.

When I write articles, I write them to generate consumer responses.  However, it's always cool to have your article featured to almost 200,000 members.  Many of the other Loan Officers in my office are also members of Active Rain, so everyone was congratulating me for a featured post.   

Phoenix Home Mortgage ID TheftThe next day I received a phone call from one of the staff members from Active Rain.  She wanted me to call her ASAP.  She also emailed me about the article.  When we spoke, she asked if I had copied the article from another site.  Another member from Active Rain had recognized the article and notified the staff of the plagiarism.  You can view the article here - FHA Myths Exposed and Explained.  I was away from my computer and told her that I didn't copy the article from that site.  Humbly, I did let her know that I used content from one of our CE classes because I thought it was our content designed for this class.  She let me know that because it was too hard to tell what content was original, I had the choice to leave the article up.  Once I actually looked at the article, I decided it was clearly the same.  Since then, I have changed much of the content within the article and have re-learned a valuable lesson from high school.  Even if you think your teacher, colleagues or clients won't know you've plagiarized - they will.  Thanks to the Active Rain staff and members for making me a better person. 

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Comment balloon 4 commentsKate Elim • January 14 2011 11:34PM


Kate, onteresting coincidence. I never heard about David before, but a couple of hours ago I ran in to a reblog of one of his blogs by Lenn Harley, and now this one. thanks for reblogging.

Posted by Jon Zolsky, Daytona Beach, FL, Buy Daytona condos for heavenly good prices (Daytona Condo Realty, 386-405-4408) over 7 years ago

Hi Jon...I'll check out Lenn's blog to see if it's the same post.  I know she also has a keen interest in copyright and plagiarizing.  Thanks for mentioning her re-blog and for commenting on this one.


Posted by Kate Elim, Realtor 540-226-1964, Selling Homes & Land a (Dockside Realty) over 7 years ago

Kate....great re-blog....thanks for sharing it!  ....I'm trying to see how I can get featured....I don't cut and paste but I'll quote that ok?

Posted by Aida Pinto, Real Estate Broker (562) 884-6196 (United Associated Brokers) over 7 years ago

Hi Aida...Go right ahead and quote people but be sure to give attribution.  As long as you let include the name of the person you are quoting it is fine.

Many answers to questions like this are included in the guidelines which you can find at the bottom of any page here on Active Rain.

However, if you ever want an answer to a specific questions and think I might be able to help you let me know.

As for getting featured try reading many of the featured posts so you'll get an idea of what they look like and what they sound like.  Getting an idea about popular topics will help also although they are so varied it really is a bit hard to pin those down.  I generally just write about whatever interests me at the moment and take it from there.  True I don't have a huge number of features but I do have some.


Posted by Kate Elim, Realtor 540-226-1964, Selling Homes & Land a (Dockside Realty) over 7 years ago