Talked Myself Right Out of a Lake Anna Listing...and it was so Easy!

Talked myself right out of a Lake Anna listing...and it was so easy. Explaining the how and why will not be difficult either.

This is the house:

Lake Anna Water Access Home



Now why in the word would I let a listing like this one go by? Well, honesty played a part.

When I met with the owners they explained to me why they were considering selling their second home. It is a house that they had owned for several years and enjoyed along with their family. It had gotten to the point where they felt they were not getting enough use out of it to make it worth keeping. If you had a chance to see the inside you would realize that they kept their home in pristine condition. In fact it was a word that came to mind when I saw it. It was very nicely furnished and maintained to the point that I could not suggest a thing they should do in preparation for selling it...if that was what they chose to do.

The owners gave it some more thought and felt as though they would hold on to it for a while longer. However, a short time later I received a call and was asked to list it. They felt that it was the right time. 

As I said the house was ready for photos and immediate showings so within a day or so it was in the MLS, marketing materials prepared, lock box on the front door, and a sign up in the front yard.

Not long after I received a call from the husband. He and his wife had reflected on the things that I had shared with them when I initially met with them about listing. As often happens, I was asked if I had a home at Lake Anna and the answer was yes.

I told them how we had moved down here 23 years ago. Naturally I was a bit unsure how I would like it full time. I'd spent four years enjoying the lake on weekends during the warmer part of the year and the time was spent down on the dock or out on the water. Living here full time was going to be different than that.

I shared with them that full time living meant much more. And, to my surprise, a lot more fun and a lot more time for relaxing. No longer did I experience the reluctance I would once feel in having to leave on Sunday afternoons to head back north. Instead Sunday afternoons were just the beginning of another week of enjoying all that there was to enjoy right here with the many friends we were able to make. One friendship seemed to lead to another and than another. One activity led to discovering more things to do. The sense of relaxing that I used to feel on Friday evenings when I first caught a glimpse of the lake stayed with me throughout the day, the week, the month. Years have gone by and that feeling remains.

My hope is that the owners of this home experience all the good things that I have and even more. Was I pleased when the owner told me that when the time comes for them to sell I will have the opportunity to help them once again? Of course. Meanwhile I will be happy knowing they are also here at Lake Anna, my favorite spot.

Real estate is my profession. For me it means not only helping folks buy and sell properties. It also means that I let them know what life can be like here at Lake Anna. That is something that I willingly share with those that are just learning about the lake and the area around the lake and for those that have spent some time here and would like to learn even more about the lifestyle they too can enjoy. 



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Talked Myself Right Out of a Lake Anna Listing… and it was so Easy!
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