Mother's Day...A Special Day for a Special Person

Mother's Day...a special day for a special person.  This is a picture I took of my mother on her 92nd birthday.  That was two years ago.  My mother turned 94 this year on April 10th.  I was with her a few days before and we had a wonderful party to celebrate.My Mother on her 92nd Birthday - photo by Kate Elim

I am my mom's "Mother's Day baby" because I was born 74 years ago on May 9th which happened to fall on Mother's Day in 1937.  She reminded me of this each year.  She loved to tell me how wonderful that was. Now I sometimes have to remind her.

Mother's Day is a very special day for many mothers and it is not because of the gifts or cards which they may receive.  What we have received was the gift of a precious life each and every time we became a mother.  My mother felt that way about her four daughters.  Now my mother is not sure if we are her daughters or perhaps her sisters.  Yes, my mother is receding further and further back into her past.

It is hard to see her retreating from us and yet I thought it would be so much more difficult.  Even now as I sit here writing this many tears come to my eyes to think that she becomes confused when she sees us and yet when I am actually with her and even though she is not sure who I am I am comforted by the fact that she has always loved us and we journey into her past along with her reassuring her always that she is with loved ones.  It does not matter who we are, only that we love her.  If that brings her peace, it brings me peace also. 

When she calls me Sis (I was always Sis to her), I am Sis.  If she calls me by another name I am OK with that.  At first I will say I am Sis.  If she understands and responds we move on from there.  If I am not to be Sis at that particular time, I accept that.

My mother has lived a long life.  Long enough for us to have gotten past the friction that often came between us. Finally we reached a time when we really had fun together.  I could make my mom laugh and I loved it.  There are many times I still can and for that I'm grateful.  I am thankful that we have had these many years to share.  Very thankful.

I will not be in Connecticut today with my mom but my heart is always with the former Miss Kathleen Margaret Reilly, a young, beautiful Irish girl born a long time ago in Albany, NY.

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Mother's Day… A Special Day for a Special Person
Mother's Day… a special day for a special person. This is a picture I took of my mother on her 92nd birthday. That was two years ago. My mother turned 94 this year on April 10th. I was with her a few days before and we had a wonderful party to… more
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