We Have a Role to Play

As every President before him, while campaigning President-elect Barack Obama made promises.  Many have begun to call for him to make good on those promises.

We should also remember many other things that were said and demonstrated during this long campaign.

 We are one nation.

Without a doubt that is true.  We are one nation, however, we are not of one mind.  President-elect Obama does not expect us to march in lock step with his policies.   He does not expect acquiescence.  What is needed is cooperation and compromise on the part of everyone.

  • Be as positive as possible.

Remember that this nation has withstood a great number of disasters through the years.  We survive.  Our nation survives.  We share so much strength and promise.  We have persevered through one crises after another.  Working together as much as possible ensures a smoother and quicker resolution.

  • Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

It is not just how gracious we are when we win but how gracious we are when we lose. 

As Americans, every time we have our presidential election we are all really winners.  How can we not be?  After all the process is what matters and our freedom to be a part of it is what counts. 

  • We survive.

There is drama in believing that it will be hard to survive four long years under the leadership of one that we did not select.  Believe me, it is not that difficult.  We have all done it! 

  • We all have a role to play.

We cannot afford to be passive bystanders.  It is not enough to clap our hands with glee when things are moving the way we want them too.  It is not enough to gripe and whine when things do not go our way. 

One of the most important things that we can do is vote.  That was proven on November 4th as it has been every four years over and over again.

Sometimes voting is not enough.  Take active interest in how our government is run by staying current on issues from the local to the international.  Become involved as much as time permits.

  • Be as supportive as possible.

No President is against all of the things you believe in.  Support them when they are in sync with your beliefs.  Do not be an obstructionist simply to be one.  You will feel much better and our country will be the better for it.


This is our country.  It is up to you and to me to make it the best it can be.  It is not solely the responsibility of the President of the United States no matter who he or she may be.





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