Blogging to Enhance Relationships with Clients, Prospects and My Community

There are a number of ways that I have used my blog to enhance relationships with clients, prospects, and my community.  By e-mailing them posts that I have written about activities, businesses, and other topics related to Lake Anna they are able to continually learn more about the place they love, or hopefully, will grow to love. 

One of my favorite things to do is to take pictures throughout the year and to share them.  As many of our property owners are second home owners they may not get to Lake Anna every season.  By taking pictures showing Lake Anna after a snowfall (which does not happen often) and writing about it they get to see the lake from a different perspective.  The same at this time of year.  In case my former clients were not able to be here during the peak fall foliage I am able to share that with them.

When I have written a post that deals with one of the local businesses I often email that as well, both to my former and current clients.  This helps them get a better idea of what is offered here in the event they are looking for a place to eat or a place to shop.  E-mails with links to the post and hard copies are given to the business owners as well. 

New clients and prospects are encouraged to read my blog and I specify some of the posts that they might find informative and others that present a pictorial guide to Lake Anna and the surrounding areas.  Posts are written describing plans for new development such as Cutalong, a proposed golf community on the shores of Lake Anna, as that is always of interest to residents and prospective lake owners.

Folks like to know about the different organizations, for instance the Lake Anna Busines Partnership and the Lake Anna Kayak Club, that have been formed.  By sharing posts that deal with these, they have a better idea of what is offered.

Not everyone that inquires about Lake Anna knows exactly where it is and what else is in the vicinity.  One of the posts that answered these questions, Where is Lake Anna? is part of what is forwarded to those wanting to know more about the location.

Sometimes I write about things that catch my eye such as an array of unique mail boxes.  By noting the address of the homes I have then been able to get the names of the owners and mail the post as well as information on my blog.

Writing posts has opened up my eyes even more to the beauty of Lake Anna and I love sharing that with others.  I know that it has provided new business for me and, I sincerely hope that it has provided a better sense of Lake Anna to its readers.   I make sure that all of my marketing materials contain the address, that includes among other things my business card (on the back), my e-mail signature, all flyers, mailings, and advertisements.

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