2008 is Still Alive and Well but Here Comes 2009

It looks like 2009 is going to be a good one. 

Monday I took a new listing for a water access home.  It is a very nice small log cabin, cape cod style.  This will make a great getaway for someone interested in spending some quality time in a very restful spot.Log Cabin at Lake Anna - Photo by Kate Elim

Tuesday (hey, that's today) I received a call from a fellow RE/MAX agent* in Northern Virginia that is giving me a referral.  He knows a couple that is thinking of buying a waterfront lot down here at Lake Anna.  As he does not know the area he has made the wise decision of referring them to someone who does.  Oh, if only more agents were so wise.

This couple is in need of a lender and I have two that I will be suggesting.  One is a member of Active Rain and the other** received some information about AR from me today and I will be e-mailing him a link.  Hopefully he will see the value in joining.

I also received an e-mail from someone that would like to come down to the lake on Saturday.  He and his wife have not been here before so we will take a tour to see if Lake Anna is where they would like to buy a second home.  If, and I suspect the answer will be positive, they decide to take a look at some houses we are all prepared to do just that.  A number of listings have been sent to them this afternoon and they will get back to me with the ones they would like to look at.

One of the agents in my office will be showing a listing of mine on Sunday.  She is very positive about the house and hopes her clients will feel the same way.  Time will tell.

Are you looking forward to 2009 with optimism?  Believe me, it is the only way.

If things aren't happening for you...make them happen.  Put your mind to work and come up with the best ideas you possibly can to ensure that you make of 2009 what you want it to be.  There are some things we cannot control and there are other things we can.  Make sure you take advantage of everything you can possibly influence. 

Use Active Rain to the fullest.  There are so many posts full of wonderful suggestions on how to improve your business. The topics are endless and the advice often top-rate.  Digest as much of it as you can and then put it to work for you.

Make sure you:

  • Do it with gusto! 
  • Do it with enthusiasm! 
  • Do it with caring! 
  • Do it with all the tools at your disposal. 
  • Do it with all the knowledge and experience you have.
  • Do it with a sense of confidence!
  • Do it because you want to make a difference in people's lives.
  • Do it because you can!
Sunday I was thinking that I needed to get going.  I really did not have much of anything in the works and that was fine.  2008 had been a good year for me and I enjoyed a pretty restful November and December.

Now it was time to rev up again.  It happened sooner than I thought it would.  I had no idea yesterday and today would be so fruitful.  May the same be true for you.

*A likely candidate for Brad's New Year's Day sign up a new Active Rain member.

**Another possibility for Brad's initiative.


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