What's in a Name?

Sometimes it is easy to name a new member of your family even when that new member is a kitten.  That is the case with Goldie.

A little more than 15 years ago while driving home one evening at dusk on a country road near Lake Anna I saw a very small "thing" in the road.  At first I thought it was just a small lunch bag size light brown paper bag but than it moved.  I drove past, turned around and came back.  By then I saw it was a kitten dragging itself off the side of the road.

Well, the kitten came home with me.  Jim, my husand, and I drove her right into Fredericksburg to the emergency clinic to be checked out.  Within a few days, the feral kitten cost us about $600.00. 

We named her Goldie for three reasons.

  1. Although I mentioned she originally looked like she was light brown she really is an orange tabby.  We took the liberty of thinking she is looks like burnished gold.
  2. We figured we spent a fair amount of gold bullion to ensure she would have a long active life with us.

  3. I had been considering purchasing a Golden Retriever.  Well, with the $600 we spent on Goldie I certainly could have bought a very nice GR.  Remember this was 15 years ago, pre "inflation."  And so Goldie became my substitute Golden Retriever.


Goldie - Photo by Kate Elim

Goldie is one of the most independent cats I have ever heard about.  It took her more than a dozen years to realize how much she really loves me.  Now she actually shows it.  She likes sleeping close to me and serenades me with her purring.  Jim claims she mistakes my snoring for purring.  (Perhaps that is true.)

If Jim reaches out to touch Goldie she goes flying off the bed.  However, come morning when he gets up she shows him all kinds of affection.  Jim feeds her twice a day while he only feeds me once.

For years we would have guests staying with us that never got a glimpse of Goldie.  She was such a recluse when others were in the house.  It took years for her to get over that as well.

It is amazing that an eccentric cat like this can do such an excellent job of training us.  We melt when she pays the least bit of attention to us.  If she sits on the chair with me, something she has just begun to do the past few months, I resist moving so she won't jump off.

How did this happen to us?  We are two grown-up old elderly mature  folks and yet Goldie can make us melt.

I was not a cat person.  Jim was not a cat person.  I am now a cat person.  Jim is now a cat person.

Goldie made us so.



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