It's Time to Go Shopping for Your Lake Anna Home

It's time to go shopping for your Lake Anna home.  Are you thinking that perhaps it is too early in the year to be thinking of all the fun you can have with your own lake house?  It is never too early to get started.  Perhaps you will be one of the fortunate ones that finds just the right spot soon after you begin your search.  That would be wonderful but perhaps it will take a couple of months entailing a few trips to the lake to view available homes.  

Lake Anna Waterfront HouseNo matter how long or how quickly the search takes, once it is done you will still need additional time to get to settlement.

Getting to settlement means that you have had necessary inspections done, gotten your loan application completed if financing is required, an opportunity to receive and read through the Property Owners Association packet, and all of the other necessary preparations for ownership.  Generally we allow approximately six weeks to close.

Once you close on the property of your choice the real exciting times begin.

 Having a home at Lake Anna, whether it is a full time residence or a vacation home, is a passport to another life.  Time spent here can be full of both fun and relaxation.  Even after 20 years living here full time I must admit that I continue to have my share of both.

If you have spent any time thinking about how much you would love a place here at Lake Anna let me know and I will help you turn that thought into a reality.  We have a good inventory of waterfront and off water (access) homes as well as undeveloped land both on and off the water if you would prefer to build now or sometime in the future.

Lake Anna is here.  Why aren't you?

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It's Time to Go Shopping for Your Lake Anna Home
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