Using Your Blog To Make A Connection With Prospective Clients

How much more comfortable we are when working with someone that we have gotten to know in a positive way. That is certainly what can happen when someone becomes familiar with you through reading your blog. That is why I like to write my own posts and take my own photos. I want people to get to know me. Then if they choose to work with me they have a pretty good idea of how I will go out of my way to help them find their spot here at Lake Anna.

Building Trust With A Prospective Client
A few weeks ago an email arrived from a military family outside of the area who needed help.    They had just received orders to the Pentagon and had less than a month to move.    The problem?  They had no time to make a house hunting trip and needed someone who would help them find the right home for their time in the area.  Could I help them?

We made time to talk on the phone and discuss what they were looking for and I started searching the MLS.  After sending them a few options we narrowed down the areas they liked and off I went with my trusty camera.  In a few cases the agents had put photos in the MLS but experience tells me that what you see in the MLS is not necessarily the true pictures of a property.  Sure enough the top choice did not live up to the few photos in the MLS and the ones without photos weren't going to make the grade either. 

Fortunately the list was short and I found one that met all of their criteria.  We put together the application and the agent was willing to wait on the application fee and deposits until the family arrived.  With electronic documents the lease was signed and the family was on their way to DC.  They arrived a few days later and were thrilled with the home.  As we chatted in person they told me they had been reading my blog for a few months and felt a connection to me from the stories about my background and could trust me to find the right home for their family.

There are debates on Active Rain about whether our blogs should contain personal stories or be solely focused on "business."  In our business people need to get to know us and certainly need to be able to trust us.  If we are all business all the time what do they know about us?   For me real estate is about making a connection and building trust.  If a prospective client can trust me to find a home without setting foot inside of it, then my blog is working just the way I want it to. 

                No Hassle-No Pressure-Just Straight Talk About The Northern Virginia Real Estate Market

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Military Relocation Specialist serving military families relocating to and from the Pentagon, Fort Belvoir, Quantico MCB and all of the Military District of Washington installations. 

No hassle-no pressure-just straight talk about the real estate market

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Using Your Blog To Make A Connection With Prospective Clients
How much more comfortable we are when working with someone that we have gotten to know in a positive way. That is certainly what can happen when someone becomes familiar with you through reading your blog. That is why I like to write my own posts… more
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