What is going on at Lake Anna? On Thursday, the day of New Year's Eve I was driving home from the store and thinking how I never know what I will see as I drive. Sure enough this was another one of those days that I was in for a surprise. 

Who would think that here in Central Virginia on the very last day of the year the forsythia would be blooming. Not I and probably not very many others but there it was. Naturally I needed to stop and take a photo. 



A bit further down the road I stopped to take a photo of this house because it is not everyday that you see a front yard full of ducks or geese. Yes, you sometimes see them in back yards or side yards but not that frequently by the front door but that's exactly where these were. I wasn't able to get a good shot because the yard was elevated from the road. Believe me, there were many more critters roaming around than can be seen in this photo.

Ducks & Geese

My curiosity urged me to go up a short distance on a private road along side this property because I wanted to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Sure enough I was.


Nothing like coming face to face with a critter that is just as curious about me as I am about him (her?).

And this is why I will continue to wonder what I'll see as I drive around Lake Anna. Although I really do keep my eye on the road I also seem to be able to peek around enough to spot some interesting things. 

If your curiosity runs more along the lines of what kind of property might you find here that would fit your dream of living at a lake I can help you satisfy that curiosity. Simply get in touch with me by email or phone and we can make that happen.

Meanwhile Happy New Year to All.


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